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Start Online Business


Earn up to R24 795 or more selling products on your laptop/computer.

No Buying stock, No Design/Coding, and No Experience Needed. With one-click, you can add products to your pre-designed store from wholesale sites with millions of listings.

You don't even have to buy anything until someone buys it from you first, at a profit! You pay a supplier; the supplier sends the product directly to your customers...And you keep the profit!


In 5 Easy steps:

• Create your Store
• Advertise using Social Media
• Customers Buy From Your Store
• Take The Money And Pay The Supplier.
• The Supplier Sends The Product To Your Customers
And You Keep The Profits.


Since 2018, over 1800 of the 2100 stores created by our students earn an average of R23 795. Our top student of 2020 made R3.2 million in a month selling earphones last Year, November on Black Friday.


No CV, programming or designs skills required. We designed an easy-to-use template that you can copy and paste. All you need basic understanding of English to communicate with your customers and suppliers.


All you need is:
• A Laptop
• Internet Connection
• Registered Company (Optional For bigger Businesses)

With just those things, we'll show you how to create a profitable Online store.

No Startup Capital? No Problem

We know some of you don't have money to start a business. This is why we created workarounds that allow you to do everything while spending R0,00. However, this means you will have to work harder and longer.

Our R0,00 strategy has been used by over 1200 students and has work 98% of the time. If you have a tight budget but can afford data, then this strategy is for you.


Starting an online business can be challenging but our team made it much simpler for beginners. In fact, one of the the best stores created by a student belongs to a 76-year-old couple. They make over R60 000 a month selling a product you won't believe... Dog Socks!

We provide a template for you to fill out your store details and select what you want to sell. The store is generated automatically. You can complete this step in 45 minutes, even if you're a beginner.

No Scam recruiting!

As an online store owner, you will never be asked to recruit your friends or family. You are a legal business owner. We provide you with trustworthy suppliers who ship quality products to your customer on time.


Time flexibility is the most significant benefit of working online. If you desire to work in bed, you can. Once your store is up and running, you can work for 5 minutes a day,even when it's making R100 000. This is primarily because of automation and outsourcing some work to other people.


All sales you make are paid directly to your online account, meaning you can make a withdrawal anytime, directly to your bank account.


ShareHero provides a progressive course; this means that our course changes every day. We regularly change and update products, so our clients do not compete with each other.

Our student success rate is 96.7%. Our student success rate is 96.7%. We created this course for people with low budgets. We provide strategies to do everything without spending a single cent until you make a sale in less than three weeks.

Sell Worldwide from home

This business model allows you to run your business here in South Africa, but you can sell worldwide.


With over 4 000 happy clients, ShareHero has become the leading teacher in Beginner Online Businesses and marketing service provider.
Read our reviews below.

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(427 Reviews)
Read the reviews below

No Experience? Try our Training Programme, which you should complete in 3-14 Days. By the time you are done you should have a perfect store and that is making sales. (19 people required to avoid product saturation and competition)

What you Get:
How To Create Your Store
100 New Best Selling Products Everyday
How To us R0,00 But Get SALES
Marketing Strategy For Each Product
Dedicated Training For Beginners
Finding A High-Quality Supplier
Store Automation & Scaling
Scaling Facebook Ads To R100 000 A Month
Beginner To Expert With Facebook Ads
Product Selection Criteria
Intelligent Product Research
Dealing With Returns/Refunds
Dealing With Taxes
How To Gain Clients Trust
How To Avoid Being A Scam
Registering A Company
How To Get A Business Logo For Free
24/7 Consultation

Once-Off Start Now

ShareHero is a registered entity, Reg number: 2012/581770/17


How much do I need to start?

The truth is, it can range anywhere from R0 to about R10 000, depending on how much sweat equity you want to put in. We've seen people start with R0,00 and build successful million Rand per year stores. We've also seen people start with R15 000 and fail miserably.

We provide workarounds for you to do everything without spending money. However, those require more effort and time. Don't let a small budget discourage you; your odds of success are just as equal.

Our step-by-step videos are by far the easiest and most efficient way to get REAL fast results in dropshipping. Our Course in also the cheapest with other courses costing over R5000 and not designed for South Africans. Everything in this course was designed for people who are in South Africa.

All steps in this course are beginner-friendly, even for a person who has never used a computer in their life.

We can't make guarantees; Because of multiple factors, like your ability to follow instructions, among other things. However, we can honestly say the 97% of student who learned at our company make an average of R23 000 per month or more.

If we are being honest, we also have a few students who made much less or no money at all. This is mainly determined by your effort, more than anything else. Dropshipping is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and those who treat it as such are bound to fail.

It's so simple that you can build your entire store, fill your inventory, and launch your first ad in less than 6 HOURS. It is even possible that you have your first sale in less than 24 HOURS. Most of our student make their first sale in about a week or two.

W can't. We can't guarantee that you will change your life and achieve massive success after joining the program. Nobody can make those kinds of guarantees and if you see someone doing that - run very far away.

However, what WE CAN guarantee for you is that... If YOU are committed to starting a successful online business. We promise that the ShareHero program and community will give you every step you need. All the latest strategies, techniques and unlimited support from professionals along the way you goal. Our 97.6% success rate is the reason we recommend our program to you.

No, but you'll need to register your business once you start to make sales. There is no hurry to do so until until then. This is because most payment providers require you to prove that your business is real, to avoid fraud.

We show you how to create a profitable Dropshipping store, the right way in 2021.

We build everything from scratch and allow you an inside look at our store and even our products to learn exactly how we did it, from R0,00 to until you make your first sale.

We mentioned this earlier but we'll go into a bit more detail. Dropshipping is when a supplier fulfils orders from a third party and has them ship directly to the customer.

In other words, the online stores pass on the sales order to the supplier, who then fulfil the order. The online stores usually pay for the item at a discount by working directly with a manufacturer or wholesaler; their profit comes from the difference in the initial item cost and whatever price they sell at.

The online store does not buy its own inventory, nor do they ship items directly. Instead, they focus primarily on marketing, advertising, and managing their online presence.

Yes, dropshipping is legal.
Just remember to protect yourself with a Dropshipping Agreement Contract. (which we provide).

Recent Reviews

Petrus Gerber (South Africa)

July 23, 2021 | Reply

Orders, Orders and more orders! FUCK, this Course has changed my life! I know they sell it as a strategy to make a living, but this is a way to get rich! $10 000 in a few weeks. That's over 150 000 rands, chief! I still can't believe how little effort I put to keep this thing running. Getting it off the ground was but look at me now, Fucko!!

Michelle Magwebu (South Africa)

July 21, 2021 | Reply

The Course is easy to understand even for me, and I'm horrible with computers. The support was kinda slow to respond, but I can't complain since they answered all my questions. I have made my store but no sales yet.

Becky Clive (United States)

July 18, 2021 | Reply

The Course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructors made sure that they are giving the information in a way that won't make me confused. I decide to use the information for my knitting business, and the clients keep coming in. Thank you so much for this great Course! I m very proud of myself! if anyone needs knitwear in the UK visit https://knotjustwool.myshopify.com/

Teyen Makron (United States)

July 15, 2021 | Reply

I've been researching online selling for years, this is the cheapest Course I've ever seen! But the value is enormous! They even have a $0 marketing strategy that actually works! I have made over $8000 since I started in June ! and 6000 of that was profit.

Gaston Bredenkamp (South Africa)

July 14, 2021 | Reply

This Course has taught me a lot of techniques in marketing. Thank you to all people behind this, especially to the support team, I keep asking questions, and they keep replying in this Course! I made my first sales in 5 days and haven't had a red day since!

Milan Germishuizen (United States)

July 12, 2021 | Reply

Now It makes sense why so many people love this Course; for a $20 course, this thing brings a lot of value, though. Everyone without experience should get it if they want to get in this kinda thing, though—big ups for helping third-world countries. However, they teach scaling means I can make $4000 using the same methods and just as much effort.

Dineo Mafoka (South Africa)

July 11, 2021 | Reply

Not bad for a R399 Course! What am I saying? this is amazing!

Razeena Small (South Africa)

July 10, 2021 | Reply

I took the Course in 2019. I wasn't serious, to be honest, guys. But last week, I opened it again, and it was a whole different thing. Apparently, they update it, so their students aren't competing with each other. I studied it and followed the steps. I couldn't believe it, guys. I'm a business owner who has a website, and it's actually selling!

Pieter Senekal (South Africa)

July 09, 2021 | Reply

Waste of time! Don't buy this Course kak!

Shivani Karn (South Africa)

July 08, 2021 | Reply

Best R399 I have ever spent, haha...I'm glad I found it on sale cos wouldn't have paid full price for it. Honestly, if you want this Course, it's worth than meets the eye. Continuously earning money for work you did once is just crazy🤪 that's just something I can't get used to.

Laura Louw (South Africa)

July 01, 2021 | Reply

Gorgeous Course! the best part is how clear the videos are and the helpful support. It pretty much scared me the last time I attempted it, and I had to back off. Just nailed it and started running ads today. No sales yet, hoping for the best!

Nthabiseng Morare (South Africa)

June 30, 2021 | Reply

I just got my first sale after 8 days of working on the training. According to my earnings tab on the website, I made a whopping $4249.45 for all that. Looking very promising so far.

Stephen Murphy(South Africa)

June 30, 2021 | Reply

I wasn't looking for work-from-home jobs. I was just simply cruising on Facebook one day and found an article about Starting Online Business and took the course.

Let me give my honest review, sorry this might belong. 1. The money you see posted here is revenue; profit is usually about 30% of that. I think that's a bit misleading, but the fact that you can scale this business to make those amounts or even millions makes up for that.

2 The course is excellent, detailed but the support email address is a bit slow to respond to unless you use Whatsapp, which I don't really like.

3. I love how they continually update the course to ensure we don't compete against each other.

4. The R0 budget strategy seems like bull crap but actually works if you put in the effort. If you're a lazy person, I recommend saving up maybe R2000 to get started cos that work.

5. The product selection is worth more than the program itself. It's really amazing how the team continues to upload new products and provide us with selling angles. 6. I love how they focused on people with low budgets in all areas and provided a workaround for them to spend less or nothing but still get results.

All in all, this is a fantastic course. I recommend it for anyone who desires to start any business or people who have businesses already but aren't making any sales.

Jennifer Opperman (South Africa)

June 27, 2021 | Reply

Hello, I am very thankful for all of the information you told me; you're accommodating. I got my first few sales today. 👍🏻❤️

Nhloso Shabalala (South Africa)

June 25, 2021 | Reply

Thank you so much for this Course! I'm looking for a way to supplement my income. There are so many YouTubers online posting about how you can make all of this money online. I've learned that most of them are freaking Clickbait, so then I found your Course. Definitely worth the money.

Dylan Kotze (Spain)

June 25, 2021 | Reply

Good to find a better way of making money online. Many other at home job ideas other than blogging and surveys are useless. Surveys never work out or are always a scam, and I'm not confident enough to own my own blog, especially cause I don't know how I'd make money off of that.

Sharon Mthethwa (South Africa)

June 25, 2021 | Reply

This is informative. New to this area as I am, I've been looking into working from home. I do not know whether pursuing this is workable to my situation or even will pan out. Still, I'm willing to take a step outside my everyday experience. At the very least, it should prove interesting.

Surabhi Sinha (South Africa)

June 25, 2021 | Reply

It is very informative for me, who travels a lot and needs another source of income when I'm out of the country. Thanks a lot for sharing your Knowledge.

Elliot Thabang (South Africa)

June 24, 2021 | Reply

Have been freelancing since May 2019 but it was nothing consistent until May this year once realizing my luxury of free time after being furloughed. Therefore, I have been putting in the work and time into this what I can and have been making $120/week on average. COVID has definitely made sales more available compared to pre-pandemic times.

Ryan Parr (South Africa)

June 23, 2021 | Reply

Time-consuming work sometimes, but outstanding effort .not a waste of money. Highly recommend.

Israel Oluwatobiloba (Nigeria)

June 22, 2021 | Reply

Work on your own time, decide how much you work, and how much you get paid; there are almost always new products to test and sell. Amazing. haven't made a sale yet but definitely worth the money.

Yvonne Mabulane (South Africa)

June 24, 2021 | Reply

Aside from the extra income paid out daily, the best part of freelancing jobs is the flexibility. You can work as much or as little as you'd like, from wherever you please. That is my favourite part.

Kgothatso Lovedasia (South Africa)

June 24, 2021 | Reply

I understand the negative reviews so I can surely say selling is not for everyone, but I personally believe this side gig is perfect for introverts like me, lol.

Tebogo Mokaba (South Africa)

June 22, 2021 | Reply

Okay, I will be honest; I was a bit sceptical, I have been scammed a lot, but I said R399 is nothing; let me try. but they delivered, guys. I made my first sales a few weeks ago and waited to see if it will continue. and it did Thanks! You made me believe in people again.

Fayan Poolcharoen (South Africa)

June 22, 2021 | Reply

Okay, I don't know whether to thank them or be angry at them. I paid on Wednesday 2 July and after paying I could not access the Course. I emailed them, and they said they were handling it. I was furious. I thought they ripped me off. But they actually handled it. I finished the Course on the 5th and have made about $42 since then.

Alison Smekal (Canada)

June 20, 2021 | Reply

I registered for this year around June and created my first store, and forgot about it. Yesterday I saw an email, and it says I made a sale. What the fuck! I didn't even do marketing talk about passive income. I'm getting serious now. I just came to review because of that.

Salphy Mmabatho (South Africa)

June 20, 2021 | Reply

The Course is simple, follow the instructions and you will be selling in no time. If you are serious about this, get the Course and pay attention. It's just a few hours of video. I made my first in like 4 days, and most of those were my ads just waiting to get approved.

Kgothatßo Kgothi Fåtâñä (South Africa)

June 20, 2021 | Reply

Ping! You can never forget the sound you got when you made your first sale! Good Course, in fact, excellent Course. If they had 10 stars id give them.

Nduma Thobakgale (South Africa)

June 20, 2021 | Reply

The Course was easy. I just finished my store, and my adverts are running. I'm sure I nailed it. Can't wait to get a sale.

Eudecia Smith (South Africa)

June 20, 2021 | Reply

It's not a get rich quick scheme, but it will put a few dollars in your hands enough to get more than 1 coffee. I personally almost R16000 per month, not too bad, all this while in South Africa. Here it's good cos it's way above average income.

Abigail Thapie (South Africa)

June 19, 2021 | Reply

Signed up and then came here for a review. Sounds like it's not really worth it.

ShareHero Replied:
We are sorry you had a bad experience with our services. Please tell us what we can do to make the course be more suitable for you needs.